Grand pianos Buying Guide

Grand pianos Buying Guide

Grand pianos are wing shaped and are also known as horizontal pianos because of their length and placement of strings. There are various factors which should be considered in mind before investing in Pianos.

Grand pianos come in a variety of sizes and are measured from the very front of the keys to the back of the rim. Depending on the manufacturer, there are many different sizes between the two extremes, and they often have different names attributed to them as follows:

·        Concert Grand (7 feet- 9 feet )

·        Baby Grand Piano ( Less than 5 feet)

The size of Grand Piano that is generally used is in the range of 5-7 feet whereas the Baby Grand Pianos are the smaller version of these Grand Pianos.

Concert Grand (7 feet- 9 feet )


The biggest of all Grands is the concert Grand, usually above 9′ (275 cm). The larger soundboard and longer strings create more volume and tonal resonance, rendering it the most majestic of all Grands.


Concert Grand is widely used by many professionals or pianists in various types of concerts and performances.


You can prefer the grand piano for its rich dynamic tones and crisp responsive key actions if you play professionally, or if you have a very large room and you have the budget for it.


Baby Grand Piano


In general, baby grands are 5′ to 5'6′′ (151 cm to 167 cm) from the keyboard to the back of the case. A baby grand is roughly half the size of a grand concert. 

Thanks to its rich resonant sound quality for its size, and the affordability of a grand piano, it has good market acceptance.


3 Important factors to keep in mind when you decide to buy the piano:




Because the Grand Piano's size is larger than the Baby Grand Pianos, Grand Pianos appear to occupy a lot of space. Grand Pianos are also known as the living room Pianos as they can fit in the room of 15×20 foot. The Baby Grand Pianos can be installed in smaller rooms and compact areas. Based on the room available to keep the piano, one can determine which form of piano to purchase.




If you're a professional pianist and you're looking to buy a decent piano, then the Grand Pianos make a better option as the strings are longer and give a smoother, clearer sound as they have a wider surface where the sound resonates. Because of the smaller size of the Baby Grand Piano, the strings on the piano are shorter, giving less loud tones because of their smaller surface area.




The price or cost is the primary factor in determining the type of grand piano to be purchased. If you're looking for a budget-friendly and affordable grand piano, then you should opt for Baby Grand Piano. The price for Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand Piano is about AED 39900 at


Given all these considerations, one can determine which piano suits them. Other factors like Maintenance, Warranty Period and Guarantee should also be taken into consideration when making this purchase. Baby Grand Piano is the best choice for someone as a beginner, but if a professional wants to make a purchase, it is best to buy a Grand Piano because it will be a good investment in the long run.