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17 Dec Most Affordable Fender Guitars 2020
wellington 0 695
The other day, I met this customer in a music store trying every guitar that he saw, that looked good to his eyes. I spent quite some time in the showroom, as, I became curious of what people look for..
22 Nov How to Choose a Guitar Amp
wellington 0 529
Now that you can play your guitar well, and you’re set up with your first electric guitar, What next? When it comes to choosing electric guitar amps, you realize that Guitar amps come in all shapes an..
16 Sep Guitar String Buying Guide
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There are a ton of different things that can affect your  guitar‘s sound — the wood used, how often you clean it, and, of course, the strings that you decide on using. But just how much can differe..
16 Sep Factors to Consider When Buying a Bass Guitar
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 Factors to Consider when buying a Bass guitarPurpose and Budget When it comes to buying a new bass guitar, many people enter the world of bass guitars blindly, not knowing whether to go for a 4-str..
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