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16 Sep Factors to Consider when buying a Bass guitar
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 Factors to Consider when buying a Bass guitarPurpose and Budget When it comes to buying a new bass guitar, many people enter the world of bass guitars blindly, not knowing whether to go for a 4-str..
16 Sep Guitar String Buying Guide
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Guitar String Buying GuideThere are a ton of different things that can affect your  guitar‘s sound — the wood used, how often you clean it, and, of course, the strings that you decide on using.But ..
16 Sep What to Look For When Buying a Keyboard
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 What to Look For When Buying a Keyboard When you want to buy your first keyboard, it’s often confusing to know exactly what to get. Keyboard or piano? Or do you actually want a digital piano? And w..
22 Nov How To Choose A Guitar Amp
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  Guitar Amp Buying guide Now that you can play your guitar well, and you’re set up with your first electric guitar, What next? When it come s to choosing electric guitar amps, you realize that Guitar..
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