Smpro Ct3 Advanced Cable Tester

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oadies, engineers, installer, and musicians take note. The most comprehensive cable tester on the planet has just arrived in the form of the CT3 multi-format automatic cable tester. Simple to operate, the CT3 tests a plethora of cable and connector types from BNC through to RJ45. Simply connect each end of a cable to the appropriate connector and the CT3 will automatically report the status of the cables integrity.

Many cable testers usually require access to both ends of a cable to test. This is fine for most audio cables, but what if cables are on long looms, or even installed through walls? The CT3 comes to the rescue with a unique two-part design enabling testing over long distances. Split the Chassis in two and all your problems are solved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The CT3’s ¼” TRS input jack is designed to accommodate a STEREO TRS plug. When testing a ¼” TS MONO cable, insert the plug into the jack until the first “click,” where the Tip of the plug first becomes engaged. (You will feel the spring lock the Tip into position.) If you insert the TS plug all the way into the TRS jack, the LEDs on the CT3’s receiving unit will go dim, because the Ring and Sleeve in the TRS jack are being shorted by the sleeve of the TS plug.

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