Smpro Adp61 Studio Av Preamp Decoder Unit

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Our new "ADP61" 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder features a multitude of analog, digital, and S-Video inputs. Remote control selection of both visual and audio signals is available for a wide range of source material.

With active monitors becoming extremely popular in home theaters and professional studios alike, the need for a compact preamp decoder without a power amplifier stage has become apparent. The ADP61 is perfect when used as the main control hub bridging all audio and video connections together while offering a simple yet powerful monitoring control solution. It is also useful for the mixer-less DAW studio.

The ADP61 allows monitoring and decoding for all signals from stereo to 6.1 surround audio. With balanced XLR outputs and an infra-red remote control, it's simple to monitor various connected devices such as CD units, Video units, DVD player/recorders, or TV systems. Decoding is provided for digitally connected devices compatible with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS, DTS ES, DTS ES Matrix, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo, and more (see below).

The ADP61's internal software also offers:
• Saving of reference levels for each input (rev 2) - This eliminates changing Master volume levels during selection of different inputs while performing simple A/B comparisons of source material.
• Downmix from encoded surround formats (rev 2). See downmix chart here.
• Inaudible internal Mute relay switching in critical listening environments - In some hardware devices, audible operational hardware relay clicks are present when source material volume level is zero and a pause function is used (especially present in digital source material).
• Last state memory (rev 2) - The ADP61 returns to the last state setting on power up. Includes all decode and channel routing settings.
• Variable crossover point for the SUB output (rev 2) - Perfect for enhancing bass frequency control.


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